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  • Item #: BERBC12TKY

These chokes were specifically design for the FEDERAL PREMIUM® FLITECONTROL® Ammo.

SBE, M1, World Class, Nova, Super Nova, Sport, M3 and M4 / Black Diamond 12 gauge / Charles Daly S/S Field II / Century Arms/Kahn Centurion 12 gauge / Century Arms / Kahn Arthemis 12 gauge / CZ USA O/U 12 gauge 2005 and later / Franchi 12 gauge - Except Sporting SL O/U and Highlander / Huglu / Maverick Arms Model Hunter O/U / Mossberg Silver & Onyx Series 12 gauge / Stoeger 2000 Semi-Auto / Stoeger P-350 Pump / Traditions Semi-Auto ALS 2100 / Tri-Star Phantom Field


Pure Gold Chokes are designed to with stand any Turkey load on the market today.  For best pattern results with any duplex type of load, we recommend sticking with the .670, if you are only using pellet sizes from #6's and SMALLER you can go with the .660.

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